We open our training cycle 2017, which aims to present theoretical-technical topics with a strong focus on applications for each type of industry.

This year our courses will be aimed at a large number of industries (Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Oils and Fats...

Exergy tubular heat exchangers differentiate themselves for its important heat transfer area in a reduced space and for its advanced technology.

We offer shell and tube, tube in tube and point of use sampling systems very efficient both for hygienic, HVAC+R or renewable energy industries...

Following the sales of the heat exchanger division of GEA Group in 2014, GEA Heat Exchangers changed its name, becoming Kelvion.

Edelflex, leader in creating innovative engineering solutions and manufacturing heat exchangers, has been chosen to provide 4 Vahterus shell and plates heat exchangers, models 4LL and 5LL, for an important gas producer and shipping company.


Edelflex, leader in project engineering and heat exchange solutions, has been chosen to provide equipment for an important continental project including the installation of 3 Schünemann filters F450 and 5 GEA heat exchangers NT250S with Titanium plates for a power plant located in Mexico.

Electropolished corrugated stainless steel hoses for the semiconductor industry and fine chemistry.

Upcoming exhibitions

Expopack México 2018
June 5th - 8th, 2018
Expomin Chile 2018
April 23rd - 27th, 2018
TecnoFidta 2018
September 18th - 21st, 2018

Regional Coverage

Edelflex expands its regional coverage, meeting the needs of customers from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Perú and Uruguay. Contact us


Edelflex is present in virtually every industry and application, thanks to its portfolio of products and services.


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