Sanitary pressure regulators

Sanitary pressure regulators Sanitary pressure regulators Sanitary pressure regulators

Mark 96
This model is designed to regulate the pressure in systems that require maintenance under sanitary conditions.

Mark 96A
It allows the user to change the set point remotely through a air regulator mounted in a panel, or through a distributed control system. It is ideal to automate the SIP/CIP processes when the set point is low.

Mark 96C
The Mark 96C is a pressure reducing valve with clamp designed to regulate the downstream pressure in process applications for aseptic and sanitary systems.

Mark 96AA
The Mark 96 model with augmented air (AA) option offers the same sizes, Cv options, seats, low pressure drop characteristics and stability than the MK96, but with an additional advantage: when an air pressure signal is connected to the 1/4" FNPT through an air regulator or I/P, the set point can be modified remotely when an air signal is sent.

Mark 95 Sanitary back pressure regulators
It is designed to regulate the upstream pressure to prevent overpressure situations which could damage equipment or interrupt the process, when for example the upstream demand is reduced or null.

J-Pure high purity sanitary pressure regulators
The J-Pure sanitary pressure regulator is designed to reduce high purity gas pressure found commonly in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

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Steriflow - Mark 96AA Series Sanitary Air Augmented Pressure Regulators PDF/484 KB Download
Steriflow - Mark 96C Series Sanitary Pressure Regulators (1/2" - 1") PDF/450 KB Download
Steriflow - Mark 95 Series Sanitary Back Pressure Regulators PDF/431 KB Download
Steriflow - J-Pure Series High Purity Bio-Pharma Gas Pressure Reducing Valves PDF/512 KB Download