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about us


To flow, it is important to be able to stay ahead of changes and to face new challenges with courage, flexibility and perseverance. That is the way we are at Edelflex: we strive every day to inspire innovative solutions on heat transfer and fluid handling. Our biggest goal is to make our customers more successful, and for this we have the conviction of guiding ourselves through our values, working constantly to create new and better solutions to support them in their growth, promoting the continuous development of our staff and the community of which we are part.
As referents in numerous industries, we specialize in offering state-of-the-art solutions, using innovation and know-how, while adapting to the needs of every customer thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our staff.


During this time we have not stopped growing and we learned that our solutions are much more than simple products: behind each project there is a trained and highly motivated team, working every day to collaborate with our customers and growing in a sustainable and profitable manner. Learn, be flexible and apply our experience and knowledge is the path we choose to keep things flowing, valuing our members, cooperating with the community and offering our customers the best solutions to help them grow


    To develop innovative solutions in design and construction of industrial equipment and systems working alongside our customers in every detail to make them more efficient in their productive processes, also contributing to the environment.


    Consolidate as the best option for sustainable industrial solutions, providing excellence in service and assistance to our customers.



    We defend our convictions promoting respect, justice and honesty. We fulfill our commitments acting with responsibility. We observe the agreements we make


    We strive to excel in everything we do being proactive, flexible, drivers of goals and challenges. We work with enthusiasm and we are proud of what we accomplish together.


    We encourage mutual cooperation among people, we respect the opinions of others and we encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing.


Our quality policy has as a main goal the search for excellence in all the products and services we provide. We are strongly focused in the human resources, promoting cultural integration, quality of life, safety and environmental care. All the areas of the company share the responsibility of working under the guidelines described in the Quality Management System which main goals are:

  • Lead the internal processes to the total quality.
  • Establish the quality planning for products, processes and activities, committing ourselves to the search of continuous improvement.
  • Satisfy the needs of our customers, bringing innovative ideas and smart solutions.
  • Deploy follow-up and control procedures to guarantee the quality of the products in the manufacturing, execution and sales stages.
  • Promote the continuous learning of our people.
  • Integrate our providers to our quality management system.
  • Strengthen our relationship with our customers through a dynamic and professional service.
  • Enforce the strict observance of actual laws and tax regulations.
  • Constantly optimize the profitability, keeping competitive prices while providing the same quality.

The compliance of these objectives will consolidate a constant improvement in the manufacturing and sales processes of our products and services; fluidity and transparency with our customers and providers, investment and sustained growth of our productive, logistics and financial structures, and the total satisfaction of our customers.

The joint effort, responsibility and dedication of all we are part of Edelflex S.A., will allow us to keep reaching our goals.

Miguel Harutiunian, Eng.
President and Managing Director