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Programming and control systems

Additionaly to our Project Department, we offer programming of PLC, DCS, HMI Systems, SCADA systems for automation of equipment and/or industrial processes, for batch or continuous.

Our solutions come with DFS, URS and validation protocols for automated systems.

Our staff is formed by highly experienced programmers, specialized in several programming languages and different brands, and also by technical consultants that can help you with:

  • Consulting for the conceptual basic design of automation and process control solutions
  • Provision of an integral solution in instrumentation and control systems, including engineering, supply and integration of equipment, configuration, functional tests, commisioning and setup.
  • Development and implementation of SCADA systems, incorporation innovative solutions for connectivity of equipment of different manufacturers, their integration to a common operational platform and the vertical management of infomation applied to corporate systems
  • Technological upgrade of instrumentation and control systems in existent plants
  • Specific solutions oriented to data management for its use in third-party applications such as massive logging, specialized systems for smart alarm management, asset management systems, maintenance programs, etc.