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October 25 2021

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Edelflex participates in an important biotechnology project

Edelflex assumed a key role as the main vendor of the plant's expansion for biotechnological products' manufacturing

On Thursday, October 21st we participated in the opening of Zelltek's new biotechnology plant, in the Santa Fe Province. Miguel Harutiunian, CEO and President of Edelflex, attended on behalf of the company, along the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas; the Governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti; The Mayor of Santa Fe, Emilio Jaton; the German Ambassador to Argentina, Ulrich Sante, the General Manager of Zelltek, Juan Ceriani, and regional executives and authorities.

From its plant located in the Litoral Centro Technological Park, Zelltek develops recombinant protein derivatives in perfusion eukaryotic cell cultures, such as Recombinant Human Erythropoietin, Interferon beta-1a and Etanercept.

Both Zelltek executives and the authorities present highlighted the quality and complexity of the plant, in which Edelflex played a key role as the main supplier in charge of expanding the multipurpose plant for the manufacture of biotechnological products, particularly in engineering, design, construction and provision of equipment for the culture media preparation area, the CIP / SIP cleaning and sterilization plant, the fermentation area, as well as automation, assembly and commissioning.