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November 21 2018

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EdelHEAT® - Cooling and heating in a compact unit

The EdelHEAT® - Heat Exchange Advance Technology is ideal for its adaptability and ease of use

The EdelHEAT® (Heat Exchange Advanced Technology) system is a compact, all-in-one unit that satisfies instant heating needs in a small footprint. It can be used in applications of water-water or water-steam and it is an ideal solution because of its adaptability and ease of use. We offer semi-automatic or fully automatic systems.

ARAX® heat exchangers
The main component of the EdelHEAT® systems is the ARAX® heat exchanger, which is manufactured under strict quality standards. They are secure, versatile and highly efficient, thanks to its plate technology that allows higher values of heat transfer in smaller areas, compared to other technologies.

Some applications are:

~ Service water heating
~ Indirect water heating for pasteurizers
~ Water heating from digesters
~ Water heating for equipment sanitization
~ Water heating for tank jacket

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