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January 11 2024

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Exhibitions 2023

Exhibitions  2023

During 2023, we had the privilege of participating in three prominent exhibitions, an experience that we deeply value. These events not only provided us with the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to excellence and innovation but also allowed us to establish meaningful connections with industry leaders and showcase our projects in a impactful manner.

Expo Pack Guadalajara 2023: This event stood out as the most relevant in Packaging and Processing in Mexico. We seized valuable networking opportunities, assessing interesting projects with diverse applications, solidifying our growth strategy in Mexico.

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023: We enthusiastically took part in one of the most important international exhibitions in process machinery and packaging in the United States. It was a unique experience that allowed us to increase our visibility, stay at the forefront of the latest trends, and establish valuable contacts and connections.

Expo ENVASE / ETIF 2023: We immersed ourselves in the rich experience of participating in the Expo del Envase, Packaging, and Processes 2023 combined with ETIF, Exhibition and Congress for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, and Veterinary Science and Technology, held at the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires. This massive exhibition provided us with an exceptional platform to highlight our innovation and establish strategic connections at a regional level.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to interact with our valuable visitors, clients, and colleagues in the industry at these events, strengthening bonds and creating new alliances. We look forward to the coming year with excitement and determination, committed to continuing to innovate and bringing incredible solutions to every corner of the industry.