Complete CIP/SIP stations

When a CIP (Cleaning In Place) cycle is done in a periodical fashion (which is determined by the grade and speed of fouling) we can prevent many problems that dirt and impurities can cause, such as low performance, potential contamination and many other factors that can compromise future cleanings.

The CIP stations we build are designed from a careful planning that starts with the observation of process and cleaning needs, selecting the more appropiate alternative for the fulfillment of requirements and at the same time, with the cost/benefits levels that fit each case.

CIP stations with one or more tanks that contain cleaning solutions can be designed to be fully automatic or semi-automatic. In the automatic stations, all the critical parameters involved in the process can be monitored, controlled and registered. In this way all the cleaning parameters can be adjusted and optimized at any time.

We have units for food and industrial applications, and for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications as well. The latter answer to the higest GMP design requirements

• Reduction of effluents
• Reduction on the use of cleaning solutions
• Reuse of water and cleaning solution
• Repeatability
• If neccesary, it can include SIP (Sterilization in Place) functions
• Optional: compliance with FDA CFR 21 part 11

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