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Mobile cleaning solutions

By using the CIP (Cleaning In Place) systems we can execute an efficient cleaning in a short time, avoiding long production stops, fouling and microbiological generation.

A mobile unit is the ideal solution when:

• A low investment in CIP cleaning is required
• The washing needs are not very frequent
• Simultaneous procedures on several units are not neccesary.
• The tank or unit volumes are relatively small.

Our EdelCIP® mobile units are intended to be ideal solutions not only for cleaning tanks, reactors, bins, barrels, reservoirs and other types of recipients, but also for piping and process equipment installed in it, such as heat exchangers, sanitary pumps, filters, mixers, measurement and control instruments, etc.

Besides a mobile unit with manual operation, Edelflex offers a innovative system that is completely automatic but remains mobile at the same time. This unit can monitor, control and register some or all the five critical parameters of a cleaning process.

Our designs can be adapted for industrial or hygienic and sanitary applications such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and they comply with GMP requirements.

• Reduction of effluent
• Reduction in the use of cleaning solutions
• Repeatability
• Also available with SIP (Sterilization in Place) functions

  • equipos moviles de limpieza cip, cleaning in place


    equipos moviles de limpieza cip, cleaning in place