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The EVAPPlus falling film plate evaporators guarantee a high efficiency in the concentration of sugar juice. The EVAPPlus provides vapours with higher temperatures and with this, it is posible to undertake bleeding in all the evaporation effects, reducing the exhaust vapour consumption and increasing the profits during the whole process.

We can convert a EVAPPlus from an existing Roberts evaporator, using its shield and lowering the investment costs. This modernization provides all the advantages of a new unit but also allows a substancial increase in the heat transfer with the corresponding increase of the evaporation capacity without the need of altering the existing installations.

Technical Details


    up to 6000 m²


  • Low flow rate of vapour
  • High heat transfer coefficients (the double as with Robert evaporators)
  • High rates of evaporation
  • Low color formation in the juice and the final sugar (less time of residency)
  • Less loss of sugar (inversión de sacarosa)
  • CIP Cleaning (chemical)
  • Stainless steel plates, welded gasketless