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Flexible connections

These hoses are designed to transport a wide range of media, without altering its physical and chemical properties. They also contain all the elements to guarantee a complete traceability and process certification.

At Edelflex, we have a permanent stock to answer your needs in a quick way, in many different combinations of hoses and connections. All our models are suitable for CIP/SIP.

Available models

MVQ1 - Silicone, braid-reinforced
MVQ2 - 2. Silicone, braid- and wire-reinforced
EPDM - EPDM, braid- and wire-reinforced, outside and inside EPDM
PFA1 - PFA, braid- and wire-reinforced, outside silicone, inside PFA liner
PFA2 - PFA, braid- and wire-reinforced, inside and outside electrically conductive

Technical Details


    from 6,35 mm to 51 mm


    Triclamp, aseptic, weld end, Zerocon


  • High quality materials
  • Full traceability
  • High quality crimping with pharmaceutical design
  • Fast processing and delivery