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LWC Series

When handling critical media, conventionally gasketed plate heat exchangers quickly reach their limits. New applications on the market constantly call for ever-improved solutions. The LWC plate heat exchanger based on Laser-Welded Cassettes is the new alternative.

The plate pack in the ARAX plate heat exchangers LWC Series consist of laser welded cassettes, planned and designed for the highest performance and are optimally suited for use in refrigeration engineering, especially with ammonia refrigerants

OptiWave Design
The optimized wave configuration results in ideal flow across the entire plate width, guaranteeing maximum heat transfer rates.

PosLoc Assembly
With the new NT Series Kelvion has introduced a self-centering plate system. The result is a stable, perfectly aligned plate pack, with gaskets positioned precisely and remaining functional for a longer time.

EcoLoc Gasket System
Our new, glueless EcoLoc gaskets guarantee fast, uncomplicated replacement of gaskets.

Technical Details


    up to 14”


    up to 1900 m³/h in a single unit


    up to 25 bar


    from 897 mm x 445 mm to 2138 mm x 995 mm


  • Laser welded cassettes guarantee the greatest process safety even when working with aggressive media
  • Low investment costs thanks to the higher heat transfer rates
  • Reliable operation based on proved technologies
  • Simple assembly, with easy access for cleaning on the product side