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The high-pressure laboratory homogenizers are ideal for reserach and development applications, where the product formulation and process simulation are the key ingredients for industrial competence.

The laboratory units by GEA are standalone, capable of perform homogenization tests in several pressure ranges with limited sample volumes. All that is required to a correct test procedures is already pre-assembled in the unit, including a feeding pump where it is needed.

The Panda 2K model is a tabletop unit, easy to use with one piston. It is capable to reach 1500 bar with a manually-operated homogenization valve in different configurations to achieve efficient test with products of low and high viscosity.

The TwinPanda model is a table top unit with two pistons. It is the ideal homogenizer for dairy and food product development. It can be easily integrated in pilot plants for a complete process simulation in sanitary and aseptic conditions.

Technical Details


    up to 2000 bar


    up to 55 l/h