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The sample coolers by Steriflow allow to take clean steam and high purity wáter samples in an easy and quick way while it keeps an sterile testing environment. The SC50 and SC60 models are designed to be mounted on the sampling point, while the SC30 model is an independent unit. All models can be operated with cooled water as a cooling medium. If the cooling water produces fouling, the SC50 can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Technical Details


    up to 185 °C


    up to 10 bar


    AISI 316L


  • Suitable for clean steam and WFI systems
  • Self-draining design that eliminates possibility of sample retention
  • Fully sterilisable/autoclavable – satisfies validation criteria
  • Availability of hygienic sample valve – allows fine control of sample flow during testing
  • SC 30: portable design – single unit can be used to take samples throughout a system, carrying case available
  • SC 50: unit designed to be disassembled and easy to clean
  • SC60: mounting bosses : wall mount bolt kit included